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Best served with friends

Welcome to Big Fiddle Still


Our Story

Big Fiddle Still is a Craft Distillery located in Harvey, NB; specializing in Flavor Infused Vodka. Owner Trent Jewett works side by side with his son Tyler and wife Crystal. But as a father of 4, they all have a part in Big Fiddle and everyone wears a different job title depending on what needs done. Born and raised in Harvey, Trent grew up in a gravel truck with his father, he's no stranger to a family run business. Big Fiddle was incorporated May 2018, releasing their first infused vodka; Salted Caramel on May 31. The motto at Big Fiddle is "Best Served With Friends" for most of our bottles are shared around a campfire or at gatherings, sometimes to celebrate an occasion, and sometimes just to share with friends. The owner is a must meet! He will dazzle you with tales of moonshining history, let you sample his flavored vodka, and make your stop worth while! Cheers!

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